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Should You Sell Your House Yourself?

Posted by Alan Tucker on January 01, 2020 in  advice  Home Selling  Real Estate  Selling  tips and tricks
There are a myriad of different reasons why American homeowners choose to put up their homes for sale. The homeowners may have been motivated by a career change or significant life event that drives them to move to a different location. Family expansion is also a huge factor in the decision to sell a home. Finances would also come into play as well. Perhaps the family income increased reasonably and homeowners could afford to upgrade to a more expensive, grander residence. No matter the reason, the primary step in ... read more

Preparing your Home for Fall

Posted by Alan Tucker on August 12, 2019 in  advice  Helpful Tips  home selling  Real Estate  Selling  tips and tricks
Summer is in full swing, and will still be around for another month or so, but it’s never too early to plan for the fall! There are a number of ways to prepare your home for the cool air of fall, and we have three tips for you to get your home ready! First, check the insulation in your home, as well as any windows and doors for potential drafts! Second, take some time to inspect your roof and have your gutters cleaned in preparation for potential snowfall! Lastly, spend some time testing your home’s saf... read more
If you’re looking to buy a new home, then you almost certainly have at least a few things in mind that you feel that you want/need to have in your new home! That said, your budget can sometimes hinder your ability to find everything you want in a home, and that’s where the ability to prioritize what you need comes into play! A great place to start creating your list of what you absolutely have to have to envision your dream home and then work backwards! Second, you’ll want to consider what life ch... read more
The city of Fayetteville, North Carolina is one in which more and more people are looking to buy a home and become a part of the great community that area has to offer! First and foremost, if you’re looking to buy a home in Fayetteville then you’ll want to get to know the city itself and the history behind it! Second, you should familiarize yourself with important information such as the average list price, and the average price per square foot—among other things. Lastly, once you’ve decided... read more
When looking to buy a new home, it’s important to understand how much you can afford and how to go about determining this! The first thing you have to do is consider your monthly income (and your partner’s income if you’re living with someone) and use that figure to determine your maximum mortgage payment. Second, you’ll want to factor in any additional costs such as homeowner’s association fees into the total cost! Lastly, you’ll want to determine which mortgage option is right ... read more
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