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There’s no place like home.  That just isn’t a saying from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz as she clicks her heels together, but something that every homeowner feels when they have found the perfect home.  A home is not just about the 4 corners of what we call home, but something more magical after we have put our personal touches into it.  It’s our niche, a place we are comfortable with to just be “us”.  It’s our haven, our sanctuary, our comfort zone.  So i... read more
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Is This House Priced Right for Me?

Posted by Alan Tucker on June 06, 2018 in  Buying  General Real Estate  Helpful Tips
When you are buying or selling a home you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.  Making an offer on a property you are interested in can be a stressful event.  Are you offering too much?  Can I afford the monthly payments? How much am I willing to pay?  The bidding process can be tedious, especially if you aren’t sure if you are making a proper offer. It pays to do your research and hire a real estate agent who most likely knows what the home is worth.   Kn... read more
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Buying a Fixer Upper

Posted by Alan Tucker on June 06, 2018 in No Category
Buying a fixer upper can seem like a really good idea especially if you’ve been looking for a home and can’t find one that has everything you want.  You will probably be able to get a good price, and if you’re handy, the idea of fixing up a place seems ideal.  If you are seriously considering this option, there are a few things to consider before signing on the dotted line.   Do the Math The first thing you will want to do is find a professional that will be honest ... read more
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