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Selling Your North Carolina Home? Here’s Why You Should Use a Realtor Main Photo

Selling Your North Carolina Home? Here’s Why You Should Use a Realtor

Posted: October 15, 2020 by Alan Tucker

Selling your home without the help of an intermediary may look like the cheaper, better option, free from extra expenses. But when you’re in North Carolina the logistics slightly vary owing to the presence of unique state laws.

The selling and buying protocol here, to some extent, necessitates the input of a professional third party, usually a real estate agent. In fact, taking matters into your own hands will likely end up in a costly mistake. So then for what reasons is a real estate expert necessary? 

1. For Guidance on  the Transaction Legalese

When selling a home, the state laws demand that before anything, first a listing agreement be signed. This is simply documented evidence indicating your willingness to sell the property, and that it can now be listed on the property market.

As simple as this sounds, without expert advice there are all sorts of pitfalls you could fall victim to, starting with the purchase price. A realtor is trained to draw acute property appraisal reports based on the threshold of market trends, architectural designs, and geographical locations.  You may think you know the true value of your property but often your judgment could be biased.  

Aside from the listing agreement, consequent transactions leading up to the close of a sale also have a high peril propensity. There are signatories involved, lawyers, paperwork, all of which must be treated with the deserving gravity. An independent seller is in no way able to navigate these murky waters successfully.

2. To Evade Disclosure Lawsuits

As a seller, ample disclosure is vital to the success of any property exchange. This is where all details surrounding your home are mentioned. The defects (if any), environmental conditions, plumbing, sewer and electrical structure, even mineral deposits in case there are any. Withholding important information even on the grounds of negligence or forgetfulness makes you eligible for future penalties. 

Especially when you're a first-time seller the stakes are high. One small mistake is enough to cost you thousands of dollars. Such can be avoided with the help of a realtor to walk you through the finer details. 

3. To Fetch Favorable Prices 

The art of negotiating offers involves more than what meets the eye. Usually, the purchase price is likely to be met with counter offers, some bearable, others ridiculously far from the asking price. In such instances, emotions tend to run wild and subsequent decisions suffer. A realtor steps in to create balance, typically analyzing prospect offers from a neutral standpoint. And considering that the goal is to land you the best deal, you are better placed to receive a lucrative offer with respect to the property’s market value. 

4. Greater Pool of Buyers

In North Carolina, now that the real estate market is largely driven by state laws, using a realtor makes you more trustable. Buyers tend to shy away from sellers who negotiate as independent parties. It pokes holes into their credibility and transparency. In that case, a realtor is your best bet to attracting more prospects. 

The expense that comes with hiring a realtor cannot be compared to that of going without. Selling and buying property is much smoother and rewarding when an expert comes into the picture. Furthermore, you have less work to do yourself. 

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