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Should You Hire Someone to Stage Your Home?

Posted: May 06, 2020 by Alan Tucker

With all the competition in selling your property, one has to stand out to maximize the appeal of your space when setting up viewers. Setting up your home to stand out can give you the edge and surveys have shown that a staged space can sell up to 6% more than a regular DIY one. The attraction in putting the best foot forward and creating a fabulous space makes it sell faster so it will be less likely to have any price reduction at all.

With homeowners, this is a hard pill to swallow, since their work involves their heart and soul into making their homes as fabulous as they could. However, personal attachments to space have to be let go to make sure that the potential buyer can determine if they will buy a space or not. Sure, personal aesthetics are involved, yet, the aesthetic is not for the seller but the buyer.

The question now is - is it worth hiring someone to stage your home?

Here is the reason why it’s yes.

1. What’s in a trend?

You might say this is a shallow reason, but knowing the trend is as powerful as knowing what is out there and what people are buying. A professional home stager would know what’s “in’ and what’s “out”. They would know which furniture to pick to depict the look and feel that is currently appealing to home buyers. An excellently put together room has many elements needed for it to be warm and inviting which makes sure that homebuyers can imagine themselves lounging and living in the space.

2. Emotional Attachments and Derailed Focus

The professional home stager’s job is to focus on making sure that everything is beautiful and the home owner’s focus is making sure that they get a great deal for the parties involved in purchasing their own home. Emotional attachments come into play most of the time and this is something that should be avoided. A professional home stager can put a fresh look and advice on upgrades or downgrades that are needed to create the home buyer’s appeal. Apart from that, personally staging your home can be overwhelming as one should need to also bring on the interior and exterior aesthetics when in fact there are so many other aspects that a homeowner needs to focus on such as great home buyer house shopping experience.

3. Experience

A professional home stager knows what they are doing and has the experience in doing these kinds of things. Most have numerous projects and they would know the X-Factor in getting a property sold. They know what works and that is one of the keys to landing you a great deal.

4. Resources

The massive work they had for years had made them part of a network. They have a connection in who and where to get the furniture and accessories to make your home be in the best light possible and when they have a specific design in mind. The hassle for spending time in waiting for a single accessory in designing the spaces or the unavailability is avoided for good.

5. Time

Time is crucial and professional stagers have this at their disposal to make your home attractive. As the seller of the house has a list of overwhelming tasks, this will give homeowners the thinking space and push this massive task in beautifying and readying the home ready for sale and this is what the home stagers do - to create a fresh beautiful space that will attract the homebuyers.

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