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Weekend Home Renovations that are Perfect for the Summer

Posted: July 08, 2019 by Alan Tucker

Summer is in full swing, and that means warm temperatures and much needed vacations! However, summer can also be a great time to spend some time renovating your home, and we have a few project ideas that you can accomplish in just a weekend! First, consider upgrading the windows in your home—windows that can help your home to be more energy efficient and ease the burden on your wallet when it comes time to pay your electric bill! Second, spend some time repairing or replacing damaged or worn-out sections of fencing and gates. Lastly, you can spend some time upgrading or installing new ceiling fans—after all, they’re vital to keeping the heat at a minimum during the warmth of summer!

Upgrade your Windows

Whenever we think about renovating and upgrading certain parts of our home, the windows are often something that goes overlooked! First and foremost, any windows that are cracked or damaged can be a serious eye-sore on the exterior of your home, and they should be the first to be replaced! In addition, new windows are a great way to provide a guaranteed return on investment, as newer windows will improve your home’s efficiency! In addition, dual-pane windows will help to reduce street noise, meaning that your home will be more peaceful, and the added efficiency will save you some money on your next electric bill!

Repair and Replace Damaged Fencing and Gates

Fencing can be an important part of a home and, depending on where it’s located, can affect the curb appeal of the home! As such, you should repair or replace any damaged portions of fencing to ensure that your home presents as favorably as possible! Repairing any section of fencing can be difficult work, and isn’t always a job to be during the heat of the day, so consider this before starting! Also consider the overall cost of the fencing materials—these will differ depending on what the fence is made of and how much of it you plan to repair or replace, so consult your local home supply store to get an idea of how much the project could cost! Lastly, if you plan on installing new fencing or extending a previously existing fence, be sure to consult local building and property codes before you build—after all, you don’t want to spend time building a fence that isn’t to code, as you’ll only end up having to take it right back down!

Install New Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are vital for keeping a home cool during the heat of summer and, depending on where you live, could be the main source of cooling for your home! As such, if your current ceiling fans are out of date, consider upgrading for a newer model! Newer fans may be more energy efficient by being able to cool more effectively for the same amount of energy! New ceiling fans can be a costly expense, so ensure that you’ve done your research and have the money necessary to complete the job! In addition, you may need an electrician to install the new fans if you’re not skilled enough to do so yourself, so this is another expense to consider!

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