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How to Prioritize your Home Improvement Projects

Posted: April 22, 2019 by Alan Tucker

With the beginning of spring here, it’s the peak time to begin those various home improvement projects that you put off during the winter! However, it can be difficult to decide which of your projects should take first priority over the others! That said, there are a few ways to help you determine which projects need to be done as soon as possible, and which can wait until another day! First, you should determine what absolutely needs to remodeled—areas that have a definite “need” to be remodeled should always take first priority! Second, determine what areas of your home you want to remodel rather than need to remodel, and create of list of those areas! Lastly, consider why you want to remodel a specific area of your home—if you can’t think of a specific reason then you know that you shouldn’t remodel that area of your home!
Start with what Needs to be Remodeled

Any time you’re considering remodeling a portion of your home, you should consider whether or not that remodel is one that you want or one that you need! Remodels that you need are ones that are vital for ensuring that your home operates in peak condition, like remodels to doors, windows, and exterior siding! Remodels that are wants are things like new tile for your kitchen floor or a new coat of paint in your bedroom! Simply put, things that are vital for keeping other parts of your home in top condition should always have first priority when it comes to remodeling! You may not consider a repair to be the same as a remodel, but you can’t do the first without doing the first!

Make a List of Other Remodeling Projects

Once you’ve addressed the vital projects in your home, you can then begin to take inventory of other projects that you want to get done! After you’ve created your list, get an estimate for each project and get an idea of how much each project is going to cost, and how long it will take to get done! In addition, you can determine whether or not certain projects can be finished concurrently, and how completing one project may affect your ability to complete another! For example, if you want to replace the tile floor in your kitchen and paint the walls in your kitchen, consider which of those it would make sense to accomplish first!

What is your Reason for Remodeling?

For any remodeling project that you want to accomplish, you should have a reason for wanting to accomplish said project! Any remodel that you do is ultimately about a return on investment and increasing the value of your home! As such, consider why it is that you want to accomplish the project that you want to accomplish! Where you are in life and your financial capability will play a part in determining what you can and cannot accomplish in your home. In addition, consider how to remodel will improve your quality of living now and increase the value of your home later!

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