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Good Practices for Working with your Agent

Posted: April 01, 2019 by Alan Tucker

Real estate agents are constantly working to improve their relationships and interactions with their clients, but there are a few things you can do as a client to improve your relationship with your agent! Such actions are small and simple, but your agent will appreciate them greatly and it will help your home buying or selling process end in success. First, keep in mind that the agent with whom you are working is paid via commission, and thus they succeed when you do. Second, acknowledge that time is very precious to agents and make good on your appointments, as you are almost certainly now your agent’s only client. Lastly, respect the relationships between listing agents and buying agents, and do not do anything that would cause a conflict of interest between the two.
Agents are Paid via Commission
Whenever you’re working to buy or sell a home, it’s important to remember that the agent that you’re working with is almost certainly paid entirely through commission from home sale transactions. This means that your agent will be working hard to ensure that you find the perfect home, or that you get the best possible offer for the home that you’re selling. As such, if you ask an agent to work with the intention to cut them out of the deal later, know that this is wrong, and other agents will be notified. As a result, you may find that agents are much less likely to work with you in your future home buying or selling endeavors. Lastly, know that advice that your agent gives you about the home buying or selling process is meant to help you; after all, their pay being commissioned based means that they succeed only when you do as well!
Respect your Agent’s Time
The business of real estate is incredibly fast-paced and busy, and thus your agent most likely won’t have a lot of free time on their hands! As a result, you should respect the time that they make for you and maximize such time with them! Common courtesies like showing up for appointments with your agent on time, and notifying them if you will be late and/or cannot make a scheduled appointment with them are things you agent will greatly appreciate! While your agent will certainly do their best to make time for you and help you when they can, understand that you are almost certainly not their only client! In addition, be mindful of when your agent is with other clients or at events like a showing or open house, as they will be unable to speak with you at such times! Being respectful and appreciative of the time that your agent provides for you is something simple, yet highly important when interacting with your agent!
Respect the Relationship Between Buying Agents and Selling Agents
As you may know, both homebuyers and sellers are represented by an agent, and said agent’s duties are obviously slightly different from the other’s! That said, buying and selling agents will end up splitting the commission on any transaction that they both work on, so they maintain important relationships with one another! As such, you as a buyer or seller should ensure that you do not do anything that could potentially jeopardize said relationship or create a conflict of interest for one of the agents! For example, if you’re looking to buy a home, calling the listing agent that represents that seller of said home and attempting to negotiate a lower price is wrong, and it creates a conflict of interest for the listing agent. In addition, your buying agent won’t appreciate this interaction—after all, negotiation of the sale price is one of their primary duties! Such interactions may seem small and inconsequential, but they could compromise your relationship with your agent or both agents, and should thus be avoided! 

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