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How to Know You’ve Bought the Right Home

Posted: October 08, 2018 by Alan Tucker

When you’re buying a home it’s natural to have feelings of anticipation and nervousness, and to wonder if you’re buying the right home. However, there are a few ways you can be sure that you’re making the right decision and that the home you’re buying truly is the home for you! It may sound obvious, but simply wanting to go inside the home is a crucial step in a home being right for you. In addition, if you can envision yourself making various changes to the home and arranging the furniture, then chances are that the home you’re viewing is the one for you!
Does the Home Draw you in?

The term curb appeal is often thrown around when discussing the topic of buying and selling homes—and for good reason! When you arrive at a potential home, do you feel compelled to go inside and see what it has to offer? When going to view a home, you know that touring the inside of the home is a given, but if just looking at the home builds a sense of anticipation for what the inside has to offer, then that’s an excellent first sign that said home could be the one for you! In addition, if you can envision yourself entering the home on a regular basis, then chances are that you’ve found the right place.

Can you See yourself Making Changes Within the Home?

When you’re walking through the home, can you see yourself arranging the furniture or painting the walls? This isn’t to say that the home you choose may need a lot of work before you can call it yours, but making small changes is often part of truly making a home yours. As such, if you’re already envisioning the tweaks that you would make in the home, then you’re already picturing yourself living in the home! In addition, if said ideas of making changes in the home builds a sense of excitement or anticipation, then the home you’re viewing is definitely one that’s appealing to your senses! 

Finally, while it may seem a bit negative, try to think of a few things about the home you’re viewing that you don’t like. If you have to really search your mind or, especially if nothing significant comes to mind, then you’ve probably come across the right home! That said, no home is guaranteed to be perfect, but overlooking certain flaws because the rest of home really drew you in is certainly a positive sign!

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