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Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Home

Posted: July 09, 2018 by Alan Tucker

Staying cool in the heat of the summer usually comes with high electricity bills come fall.  There are some ways you can beat the heat from the dog days of summer and keep your cooling bill relatively low.
Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat is an inexpensive way to preset your thermostat so that it is only cooling your home while you are home.  These run from $30 to $50 dollars and depending on which one you buy, you can set up to 4 settings or even weekday and weekend settings. You can be creative in the ways you program the thermostat and it will benefit you by saving about 20% on your monthly bill.
Set the Dial Higher
With central air, your thermostat should be set at 78 degrees F.  You will save 5 to 8 percent on your cooling bill for every degree above 78 your dial goes.  For example, set it at 80 degrees and you will save 10 to 15 percent.  When you leave home, set the dial-up and turn it down when you get home.  It will only take about 15 minutes to cool down your home, which costs less than leaving the air at a lower temperature all day.  
Use a Fan
A fan costs two to five cents to operate and drops the temperature in a room up to 4 to 6 degrees.  A ceiling fan also works with the air conditioning unit to move the drier air around the room.  You can also get motion detectors for your fans that come on when you enter the room and turn off when you leave.  They only cost about $20 and are worth the cost in cooling savings.  Ceiling fans can decrease your cooling bill by 15 percent.
Sun blocking Shades
As much as 20 percent of the heat in your house can come from windows that get direct sunlight.  To cut down on this, consider sun blocking shades in the windows that get the direct sun.  With the shades drawn, a well-insulated house will gain only 1 degree an hour when the temperature goes above 85 degrees outside.  Shades can cost anywhere from $8 to $100 a window but can provide up to 20% off your cooling bill.  
Other things that can help affect keeping your house cool in the summer hours can be choosing when and how you cook, sealing cracks in windows and doors, and thinking of ways to attack the heat from the attic.  It is very inexpensive to save money on your cooling bill during the hottest months of the summer.  

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