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Are My Neighbors Affecting the Sale of My Home?

Posted: April 24, 2018 by Alan Tucker

You’ve done everything right to get ready for the sale of your home.  The market is ripe and you are looking forward to a quick contract and smooth closing.  Unfortunately, there may be something outside of your control that will keep your house from selling…the neighbors.  One bad apple can make selling your otherwise perfectly beautiful home a struggle.  Bad neighbors can throw off a sale, or even drag down the value of your home.  Here some advice for handling the most popular of bad neighbors. 

They Want Your Home

Your neighbor may have been waiting with baited breath for your home to go on the market.  If this is the case they could easily be sabotaging your prospective buyers.  This can be good or bad.  Suppose your neighborly neighbors want the “friends and family discount”.  What was once a friendly neighbor could turn sour quickly.  The best way to handle this is to sit down and have a frank conversation with your neighbor.  Let them know you don’t appreciate them shooing off potential buyers.  If they want to buy the house they can buy it for market price.

Bad Attitude

Maybe your neighbor is the one who always has a bad attitude and makes living next door to them or even down the street miserable.  That’s why you want to leave right?  This can make your home especially difficult to sell if your buyers do their due diligence.  If you by chance find a buyer that doesn’t do his research than you are off the hook.  Be sure that you consult with your agent and an attorney about just how much you should disclose about this nasty attribute.  You could be sued later for failure to disclose.

The Trasher

You keep your house in tip-top shape especially since you are hoping to sell.  Seems there is always that neighbor whose unkempt yard is a sore sight.  Unfortunately, you can’t do much about a neighbor who chooses to keep a collection of unwanted items in their yard and curious “yard art”.  If your neighborhood has an HOA that would be your first course of action.  The association may be able to help with the cleanup or take other necessary action according to the bylaws. 

Bad neighbors are completely out of your control.  If you are desperate to leave, you may have to drop the price of your home.  It’s unfair to you, but lesson learned for your next home purchase.  

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