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Selling your home without the help of an intermediary may look like the cheaper, better option, free from extra expenses. But when you’re in North Carolina the logistics slightly vary owing to the presence of unique state laws. The selling and buying protocol here, to some extent, necessitates the input of a professional third party, usually a real estate agent. In fact, taking matters into your own hands will likely end up in a costly mistake. So then for what reasons is a real estate expert necessary? ... read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Preparing to Buy a Home

Posted by Alan Tucker on September 19, 2020 in  uncategorized
For the first time home-buyers, it can be daunting to purchase a house. So many factors come into play when deciding to put down money for your home and you’d be shocked to know how many ways you can mess up during the process.  If you believe that saving up for the deposit or downpayment on the property is the most taxing part of the process, well, think again. If you’re unsure about the basic must-knows about home buying, you’d benefit greatly from these easy to follow tips and tricks. He... read more

5 Steps to Getting Approved to Buy a Home in North Carolina

Posted by Alan Tucker on September 02, 2020 in  Buying
North Carolina is known for its beautiful national parks, scenic hiking trails, and breathtaking coastlines. The stunning scenery along the Blue Ridge Parkway is especially a well-sought attraction for motorists. Apart from the impressive natural display of mountain ridges and foliage, North Carolina also has a thriving art and music scene.  To locals, NC offers a more laid-back way of life. In NC, traffic jams are virtually non-existent, plus the cost of living is marginally lower than in other states. Out o... read more

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Realtor to Buy a Home-

Posted by Alan Tucker on August 28, 2020 in  uncategorized
If you are in the process of purchasing a home, you might be debating the pros and cons of hiring a realtor. You might think to yourself, “buying a home should be a breeze, and besides, realtor fees are way too high”. This is not entirely right -- having this mentality will make you miss out on the advantages of hiring the services of a GOOD, professional real estate agent. What exactly does a realtor do? In a nutshell, realtors are the professionals you should go to when you need help in renting, pur... read more

The Truth About Zillow's Zestimate Tool

Posted by Alan Tucker on July 06, 2020 in  General Real Estate
According to Zillow’s website: “The Zestimate® home valuation model is Zillow’s estimate of a home's market value. The Zestimate incorporates public and user-submitted data, taking into account home facts, location, and market conditions. It is not an appraisal and it should be used as a starting point.”  This is very important to note that The Zestimate is not used by banks or lenders to determine the property value for the mortgage. There is still a need for a licensed appraiser t... read more
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