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The Value of Owning a Townhome in Fayetteville, NC

Posted by Alan Tucker on November 27, 2019 in No Category
In an environment where everything is fast-paced, young couples are just starting their families and most are, preoccupied in a clocked-up corporate world, where would be the best place to start a family -- one which would fit the budget and complement the lifestyle? The easy answer: a townhome. When you think of living in a townhome, you’d probably think about houses fused so close that only a wall separates them. This and hardline homeowner’s associations can be a put-off. However, this notion can be ... read more
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Buying a Home? Here’s what you Need to Know

Posted by Alan Tucker on October 15, 2019 in No Category
Anytime you’re looking to purchase a home—whether it’s your first or you’re an experienced homebuyer—there are some crucial pieces of knowledge that you need to have! First and foremost, understand the importance of your credit score and why you’ll need it. Second, hire an agent to represent you—agents are experts in their field for a reason and you’ll want to have one to make use of their knowledge! Lastly, get the home inspected before you buy; the last thing you wa... read more
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Staging your Home? Try these Tips!

Posted by Alan Tucker on September 22, 2019 in No Category
How you stage your home can go a long way towards enticing prospective buyers into making an offer, so why not do the best job that you can while staging? There are countless ways to stage your home, and some methods have proven more effective than others. That said, there are a few things you can to ensure that your home will at least stand out from the crowd! With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of these tips:   Use Neutral Colors and Fabrics Anytime you’re attempting to sell and stage a... read more
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Benefits of Downsizing your Home

Posted by Alan Tucker on August 28, 2019 in No Category
Downsizing is something that many people consider doing, but don’t always do given what it entails. However, there are a number of benefits to downsizing your home, and you shouldn’t be nervous or hesitant to make the plunge! There are countless reasons for wanting to downsize, and it doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of your life you’re in! With that in mind, let’s look at some the advantages of downsizing your home:   Less Space means Less Spending Look around your cu... read more
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Preparing your Home for Fall

Posted by Alan Tucker on August 12, 2019 in  advice  Helpful Tips  home selling  Real Estate  Selling  tips and tricks
Summer is in full swing, and will still be around for another month or so, but it’s never too early to plan for the fall! There are a number of ways to prepare your home for the cool air of fall, and we have three tips for you to get your home ready! First, check the insulation in your home, as well as any windows and doors for potential drafts! Second, take some time to inspect your roof and have your gutters cleaned in preparation for potential snowfall! Lastly, spend some time testing your home’s saf... read more
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