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Why You Should Buy a Home During the Holidays

Posted by Alan Tucker on December 03, 2018 in  advice  Buying  Helpful Tips  home buying
The holiday season is an incredibly busy time, so you make think that adding the home buying process to that time of year is too much to handle. However, you should know that there are a number of advantages to buying a home during such a busy time of the year! For starters, while there may be fewer homes available, there are also fewer buyers with whom you’ll be competing! In addition, December is historically the time of year with the lowest home prices, so you may find an incredible deal on a home! Lastly,... read more
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Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Home

Posted by Alan Tucker on July 09, 2018 in  Helpful Tips  House and Home
Staying cool in the heat of the summer usually comes with high electricity bills come fall.  There are some ways you can beat the heat from the dog days of summer and keep your cooling bill relatively low. Programmable Thermostat A programmable thermostat is an inexpensive way to preset your thermostat so that it is only cooling your home while you are home.  These run from $30 to $50 dollars and depending on which one you buy, you can set up to 4 settings or even weekday and weekend settings. You c... read more
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There’s no place like home.  That just isn’t a saying from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz as she clicks her heels together, but something that every homeowner feels when they have found the perfect home.  A home is not just about the 4 corners of what we call home, but something more magical after we have put our personal touches into it.  It’s our niche, a place we are comfortable with to just be “us”.  It’s our haven, our sanctuary, our comfort zone.  So i... read more
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Is This House Priced Right for Me?

Posted by Alan Tucker on June 06, 2018 in  Buying  General Real Estate  Helpful Tips
When you are buying or selling a home you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.  Making an offer on a property you are interested in can be a stressful event.  Are you offering too much?  Can I afford the monthly payments? How much am I willing to pay?  The bidding process can be tedious, especially if you aren’t sure if you are making a proper offer. It pays to do your research and hire a real estate agent who most likely knows what the home is worth.   Kn... read more
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There are thousands or realtors all over the country, so it’s hard to know when you choose one if you have made the right decision.  Buying or selling a home can turn into a long process and you want to spend the time with someone you not only enjoy but trust.  Here are some things to look for when choosing the right agent.   Reputation There are many ways to check and to see if the realtor you want to work with has a good track record.  There are many websites that allow clients to... read more
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