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Financial Documents Needed When Buying a Home

Posted by Alan Tucker on September 05, 2017 in  Buying  General Real Estate  Helpful Tips
You’ve been renting for several years now and all you have to show for it is a shoebox full or receipts (or a computer folder).  You are thinking that maybe it is time to invest in a home of your own.  You have heard of the benefits of home ownership, but do you have everything you need to obtain a mortgage?  Let’s find out. Before Talking to a Lender You want to of course shop around and educate yourself on the types of loans you may qualify for.  There are many home mortgage lo... read more
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Things to Do Before you List Your Home

Posted by Alan Tucker on September 05, 2017 in  General Real Estate  Helpful Tips  Selling
So you’re planning to sell your home.  As you prepare to begin showing your home to prospective buyers, you might consider taking some of the following steps. Your home is likely your largest investment.  You’ll want to impress buyers to earn top dollar.  A real estate agent can suggest ways to make the process go smoothly, but all homeowners can take basic steps even without professional help.  Potential buyers often welcome a home that is clean, neat, uncluttered, in go... read more
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Shopping for a home is exciting, exhausting, and a little bit scary, in the end your goal is to end up with a home you love at a price you can afford.  This will be one of the most important purchases of your life, and you want to be sure to avoid mistakes that might make this dream come true, end unhappily.  Here are some things to help you avoid making costly mistakes when purchasing your first home. Knowing What You can afford You want to set a budget and then figure out what you can afford.  ... read more
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Home Inspections: The Ins and Outs

Posted by Alan Tucker on August 17, 2017 in  Buying  General Real Estate  Helpful Tips
 A home inspection is generally a visual evaluation of your home.  When you are buying a home you don’t want to skip this step.  Even if it’s new construction, you want to make sure that the home you are investing in has everything in working order.  Here are some things you should know about home inspections.   Researching the Inspector   You might just be okay with an inspector that is recommended by your agent or a friend.  You want to make sure that you inter... read more
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Which Type of Home is Right for You?

Posted by Alan Tucker on August 17, 2017 in  Buying  General Real Estate
You’ve been renting and realize that your money would be better spent investing in home ownership.  But what type of home is right for you right now?  Depending on if you are single, just married and thinking of starting a family, or nearing retirement, there are things to consider when purchasing a home and what type is just right for you.    Condo   If you get along well with others, don’t mind apartment living or paying homeowners association fees a condo may be a good ... read more
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