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Things to do When Getting Ready to Sell

Posted: September 25, 2017 by Alan Tucker

So you’re planning to sell your home.  As you prepare to begin showing your home to prospective buyers, you might consider taking some of the following steps.  Your home is likely your largest investment.  You’ll want to impress buyers to earn top dollar.  A real estate agent can suggest ways to make the process go smoothly, but all homeowners can take basic steps even without professional help.  Potential buyers often welcome a home that is clean, neat, uncluttered, in good repair, light, airy, fragrant and quiet. 
Remove knickknacks, toys and other belongings that clutter the rooms in your house to make the spaces look larger and more open.  Don’t throw all your clutter into closets and cabinets as potential buyers will be looking at these spaces also.  If you don’t have room to store the clutter in your home, you may want to consider renting a storage unit temporarily.
Repair Damaged Items
To get an idea of what you need to repair, walk through your home and imagine yourself as a buyer, or walk through with a friend.  Are their holes in the walls or lights that don’t work that you have just learned to ignore?  These items will catch the attention of someone looking at your home the first time.  Now is the time to repair those items.  You also want to make sure that you correct any major issues in your home such as the heating and cooling system.  A potential buyer will most likely hire a home inspector and these things will be identified and could cause a delay in the closing. 
Deep Clean
Give your home a deep cleaning.  Every surface that a buyer sees is a surface that needs to be cleaned. Messy spaces could send the buyer the message that you don’t take care of your home.  It could make them worry about what else might be wrong with the home.  Deep cleaning includes shampooing the carpets, washing windows, and cleaning the grout throughout the house.  Pay special attention to bathrooms and fixtures.  Keep up with the cleaning while your house is on the market. 
Plan Pleasing Scents
Buyers don’t want to smell the remnants of last night’s dinner when they enter your home. You can make your home smell nice for potential buyers by placing pleasant fragrances around the kitchen and throughout your home.  Homemade cookies always put out a great smell.  Baking some cookies right before a showing and offering them to a potential buyer can make your home stand out.  If you’re not a baker, no worries.  A few strategically placed sticks of cinnamon or citrus fruits can produce a refreshing scent.
Stage Your Home
All décor does not appeal to all buyers.  This is why it is a good idea to stage your home.  The idea of staging means rearranging your furniture, tone down dramatic wall paint with more neutral colors or even rent new pieces of furniture until the home is sold. You can ask your real estate agent for design suggestions and stage your home on your own, or you can hire a professional home stager. 
The effort you make repairing, cleaning and staging can pay off big when a buyer makes an attractive offer on your house.

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