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Is it Time for you and your Agent to Break Up?

Posted: August 07, 2017 by Alan Tucker

Meeting and working with a real estate agent can be a wonderful experience and it should be.  It’s not every day you are looking to buy the home of your dreams and make the biggest investment of your life.  Your real estate agent should be someone that feels like a friend to you and that you have formed a trusting relationship.  If you aren’t feeling the love anymore from your agent, it might be time to part ways.  Here are some things to look for, if you are thinking it’s time to end your relationship.


Where are you?


Are your text messages and emails going several days before being answered?  Is your agent keeping you up to date with new homes coming on the market?  Is he or she begrudgingly showing you homes you want to see?  These are all signs that your agent is brushing you off.  Whether it is your price range, or your pickiness, your agent should be excited to work with you on finding the perfect property.  If they aren’t it’s time to move on.


Are you Listening?


When you met your agent and you began this relationship, you gave him or her your laundry list of items you would like for your new home to have.  There were negotiables and nonnegotiables on that list.  Then why is it your agent is showing you houses that don’t have the things you must have?  It’s important to feel that your agent is listening to you and knows where you want to live and what you want in your home.  You may feel that you are wasting time looking at homes that just aren’t for you.  If this is the case, it may be time to find an agent that will listen to your needs.


Were you Stood Up?


Have you rushed to meet your agent just to be stood up?  Yes, life happens, but informing you of a schedule change is important to you.  Your agent does have other clients and work commitments, but they should not take priority over your appointment.  If you’ve been stood up more than once, you may want to think about ending this relationship. 


When working with a real estate agent, it really comes down to how you feel about the relationship.  A lot of issues can be worked out together, but sometimes it’s just better to move on and find someone that has your best interests in mind.   

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