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Holiday Open Houses: How to make them Grand

Posted: December 18, 2017 by Alan Tucker

Selling your home during the holidays isn’t always the easiest or best time of year, but you can take advantage of all that goes along with the holiday season to make your house even more irresistible to buyers.  Here are some tips to help your prepare.

Go Easy on the Decorations

Although you may be one of those people who love going all out for the holidays, this is the time to scale back.  You want to declutter and depersonalize your home so that buyers can see their family living in your home.  You will still want to decorate your home, but do it with a minimalist eye.  You want your decorations to be welcoming and inviting, not overwhelming.  Avoid adding too many personal touches and adding too much clutter.

Nice Smells

This season is the easiest time of year to make your home smell nice.  Sprinkle these scents around your home before the open house.  Nice smells make your home feel warm and cozy and it will help the potential buyers to picture themselves living there.  Smells like your live Christmas tree, fresh baked cookies, or apple cider make a house feel like a home. 

Forgo Your Hostessing Duties

Instead of being the one to host the holiday parties this year, let your friends host.  You are under enough stress trying to keep your home show ready.  Taking on the additional burden of preparing for and then cleaning up after a party will be too much.  Use this year to take a break and give others a chance to host.

Where are the Buyers?

Don’t worry about there being fewer buyers during this time of year.  The buyers that are out there are serious about buying a home, and probably need to do so quickly.  There may be circumstances that cause them to have to move quickly.  If they are looking for a home they are ready to buy.


You want to be sure that you are not leaving gifts hanging around your house.  It’s unfortunate to have to mention but you need to be aware that not all people are looking just at your house.  Keep your presents in a closet.  If all your gifts are out for anyone to see, you could have an unexpected visitor later with eyes on those gifts.

Holding an open house during this time of year can be stressful, so hopefully, some of these tips will help.  Don’t feel guilty cutting back this year while you are trying to sell.  Next year, things should be back to normal and you can celebrate your way.  

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