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Buying a Home during the Holidays

Posted: December 04, 2017 by Alan Tucker

It may seem like a huge hassle to be looking for a home or buying a home during the holiday season.  There are many advantages to buying a home during this time.  These positives might make the headache of moving during this time more bearable. 

Less Competition

The same issues that make moving during the holidays so unpleasant are the same reasons that keep people from shopping for homes.  With that being said, there are fewer people looking for homes and that is good for you as a buyer.  You are more likely to get a better deal on a home because the sellers are getting very few, if any offers.

Motivated Sellers

Most people selling a home during the holidays are doing so because they have to.  Maybe they have been relocated to a new job for the New Year, or their home has been on the market the whole year and they need to sell before the year is out.  This again is the recipe for the buyer getting a better deal. 

Faster Closings

Because of the end of the year approaching, this makes all involved want to wrap up your closing in a pretty bow before welcoming in the New Year.  Closing before the year ends is beneficial to all involved.  Buyers want to settle into their new home, lenders want to include the loan on this year’s books, and real estate agents want to include their commission on the current year’s income.  All of these things will hopefully make your closing quick and easy.

Related Seasonal Sales

When moving into a new home, you will most likely need new things to furnish it.  Buying a home at this time of year coincides with seasonal clearance sales.  The end of the year is a great time to buy items for your home that you may have had to wait for before. 

There is no need to stop your home search during the holiday season.  You might just find the great deal you’ve been waiting for.  

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