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Tips to Get Your Home Winter Ready

Posted: November 21, 2017 by Alan Tucker

People don’t always think of getting their homes winter ready until it’s too late and a pipe has burst or a hole is discovered that is letting precious heat out of your home.  The time to think about winter is before it starts.  Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the cold months ahead.
Saving Money
Whenever you can cut the cost of your heating or gas bill and still keep your house and people inside is a win-win.  If your windows are not insulated properly, your plumbing breaks or the heat goes out, you know that can happen at the most inopportune time.  It could cost you dearly to fix those things when they are needed.  Taking the time to check that all of that is in working order will save you not only the cost of repair, but also in your monthly bill.
It may seem overwhelming to get all of these things fixed at one time, but if you plan ahead you can space out repairs if needed.  Below you will see the bare minimum of what you should check before winter makes its blustery appearance.
Prepping the Pipes
Water pipes bursting can turn into a huge disaster.  There are several things to do to prep the pipes for the cold weather.  Drain all the water from the faucets and water hoses.  Make sure your sprinkler system pipes are blown out.   Store your garden hoses inside.  Identify any problem pipes that are prone to freeze and consider wrapping them using heat tape to keep them warm during extreme cold temperatures.
Heating Things Up
Everyone enjoys a nice fire on a chilly evening.  You will want to be sure your fireplace is ready by having the chimney inspected and cleaned before the first fire.  You may also want to have your heating systems checked by a professional before the cold weather arrives.  Not having heat in the midst of a cold spell will not only not be fun, but expensive to have it fixed. 
Sealing the Leaks
Check your windows and doors for leaks that are letting outside air in.  Installing storm windows and doors will help to keep the warm air inside.  Add or replace weather stripping around the doors and windows and caulk any gaps. 
These are relatively easy things that will keep your home weatherproof in the coming months of cold weather.

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